CC 2014 ビデオ製品アップデート

Creative CloudのPremiere Pro、After Effects、SpeedGrade、Audition、Prelude、Media EncoderのCC 2014バージョンがアップデートしました。


Creative Cloudのデスクトップツール(下図)から”アップデート”をクリックするだけです。

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■After Effects CC 2014.2 更新と機能改良

  • このリリースには、以前のバージョンの After Effects のアイコンよりも少し明るい、新しいキーフレームアイコンが導入されています。背景より目立つように、暗いエッジの代わりに明るいエッジが採用されています。
  • スクリプトを使用して、レイヤー座標や追加の文字プロパティなど、テキストレイヤーのプロパティの詳細情報を読み取ることができるようになりました。
    sampleImage エクスプレッションを使用してカラー値をサンプリングすることもできます。この方法を使って、特定のピクセルのカラー値をエクスプレッションへの入力として使用します以前のバージョンの After Effects では、エクスプレッションで sampleImage を使用すると、マルチプロセス機能が無効になっていました。
  • sampleImage メソッドの使用について詳しくは、エクスプレッション言語リファレンスのLayer General の属性とメソッドセクションを参照してください。

■Premiere Pro CC 2014.2 主な変更点

  • XDCAM HD proxy files appear with red frames
  • Crash using ripple trim on a grouped clip
  • Missing clips after Consolidating and Transcoding overlapping subclips
  • Crash when pressing Setup button of a AE-style transition
  • Comment Markers added to a merged clip get added to constituent clips, but the Name & Comments are not saved
  • Stop playback command ignored when editing or playing a multicam sequence
  • Crash exiting Direct Manipulation mode in Program monitor
  • Duplicate clips are missing from resulting project after Consolidate and Transcode
  • Crash when exporting AAF from a sequence containing clips opacity and scaling
  • GoPro 2.7K footage cannot be smart rendered when height is not evenly divisible by 8
  • Crash when exporting AAF with disabled clips that have cross fades applied
  • Turning on audio waveforms makes sequence unresponsive
  • Audio drop out during loop playback
  • MXF Media with Posterize Time Effect will not render
  • Audio dropouts during shuttling
  • Audio drops out while playing out to tape
  • Consolidate and Transcode with a custom P2 preset does not work correctly
  • Multiple accelerator files are generated on a network shared media cache location
  • Switching between projects that use the same workspace, all open Project panels get reset to root
  • Audio pops and surges during an audio transition
  • Export AAF with 24 bit embed option creates distorted audio files
  • Corrupt frames when rendering Sapphire effects and transitions
  • Crash on launch if OS X update has changed permissions for certain folders to Read-Only

■SpeedGrade CC 2014.2 主な変更点

  • Changed: Master Clip remain selected when the Playhead moves onto a new clip
  • Added: Warning now alerts users when a GPU with insufficient capacity (1GB of VRAM or less) is used for high resolution footage
  • Changed: Improve usability of Color Wheels.

■Audition CC 2014.2 主な修正内容

  • Fixed: Crash on Windows, and waveform artifacts, at certain High DPI Scaling values when moving playhead
  • Fixed: Crash on Quit on OS X is OS update changed permissions on certain folders
  • Fixed: Potential crash when using Spot Healing brush
  • Fixed: Better inactive device detection
  • Fixed: Recent iTunes/iCloud update on Windows can break session support on OS’s which use commas as decimal separators
  • Fixed: UI and metering support for Native Instruments audio devices.
  • Fixed: Multitrack clip waveforms update slowly on certain High DPI scaling values
  • Fixed: ARRI Raw SDK support failing on OS X
  • Fixed: Channel labels may be lost when Save As with disabled channels など

■Prelude CC 2014.2 主な変更点

  • Fixed: correct release version now display in About Prelude CC window
  • Fixed: occasional issues with Premiere Pro interoperability
  • Fixed: issue where Media Encoder functionality was disabled in Prelude
  • Fixed: crashes while creating a Rough Cut with “List view + subclip only” enabled
  • Fixed: Issue where Prelude would mark Premiere Pro timeline elements (adjustment layers etc.) as “edited” in Anywhere productions.

■Media Encoder CC 2014.2

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